Frank E. Woodruff Elementary School has served the northern portion of our school district for more that a half century. We have 38 classrooms that are equipped with computers, Internet access, and amplification sound systems. The facilities also include a library and multipurpose room that also serves as the school cafeteria. We have two computer labs. Waterford and Success Maker programs in our computer labs support student learning.

Woodruff serves 700 students. The attendance rate at the school was 96.25 percent during the prior school year. Student enrollment includes a variety of ethnic backgrounds: Asian 2 percent, Filipino 3 percent, Hispanic 70 percent, African-American 12 percent, Caucasian 7 percent, and multiple 5 percent.

Students at Frank E. Woodruff receive motivating and challenging academic curriculum delivered by a dedicated and caring staff. Daily lessons include subject matter that relate to real world situations and careers. Students are given opportunities beyond their classrooms to experience the world of work through student council activities, working in the school cafeteria or in the office, cross-age and peer tutoring responsibilities, and after school academic and enrichment classes.

Frank E. Woodruff School Elementary continues its long commitment to providing quality educational programs, effective resources and excellent facilities for its students. A variety of intervention programs are available before, during, and after school. APPLE provides after school homework support and academic enrichment. (removed sentence) GATE students receive differentiated instruction with added depth, novelty, complexity, and acceleration. Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs allow students to progress at their own pace. English Language Development is provided each day for English learners. Head Start prepares preschoolers to successfully transition into kindergarten.

We also make a variety of human services available to our school community. A Student Success Team meets weekly involving teachers, guidance intern, special education resource teacher, principal, other support staff and parents. Students experiencing difficulty in any phase of the school program are reviewed in a collaborative process in order to define student needs and recommend remediation. A deputy sheriff working with the Stop Think and Act Responsibly (STAR) program provides instruction to students in grades four and six concerning drug abuse and building student self esteem. Through the Well Child Clinic, co-sponsored by Kaiser Permanente and the district, medical evaluations are provided for students in grades K-6 throughout the district. The Woodruff PTA is highly visible and supportive of the students, the staff, and the school.

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