The mission of Somerset High School is to provide an environment that is engaging, collaborative, and most appropriate in meeting the needs of continuation high school students. Students learn at their own speed and ability level in a teaching environment that is positive and supportive. All staff members have the belief and expectations that students enrolled at Somerset are here to learn and complete the requirements for graduation.

Somerset High School is the continuation school for the Bellflower Unified School District and is located in the City of Bellflower. Somerset High School serves 320 students in grades ten through twelve. The minimum age for enrollment is sixteen. Students are referred from Bellflower and Mayfair High Schools and students from each school account for approximately one half the school population. The most frequent reasons for referral are lack of attendance and deficient in credits earned. Somerset High School also has an Infant Care Center so teen parents can continue their education. The school operates on a four-week BLOC system with new students attending an orientation program to improve classroom success before being scheduled into regular classes.

In addition to the teaching and support staff, there are services available through various community agencies such as Caring Connections, the Regional Occupational Center, (ROP), and community counseling agencies such as Community Family Guidance, Providence, and HelpLine Youth Counseling. The school is further assisted by the support of a school-based probation officer and a community service worker.


The staffing ratio at Somerset High School is 1:25 with 12.5 regular education teachers, one resource specialist for special education support, one principal and one guidance counselor. The school also has a health attendant on campus three hours daily, a school psychologist available one-half day a week, and the availability of district resources for speech and language disabilities. All teachers meet the credential requirements of the State of California and 47 percent have earned advanced degrees.

Teachers and students are further supported by a classified staff made up of one secretary, two clerical assistant II, an attendance clerk, a campus security person, a technology technician, a day custodian and a night custodian, four instructional aides, and two infant care aides.

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