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Our Mission

The mission of the Bellflower Unified School District is to provide the pathway for all students to attain the expertise and develop 21st century skills of academic excellence that will empower them to:

  • Become lifelong active learners
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves and others in a dynamic, diverse and global society
  • Become responsible, informed, productive, independent and contributing citizens
  • Perform successfully in their chosen field and in society
We Believe That
  • Every student deserves to learn every day
  • Positive relationships and a strong sense of community connect students to learning
  • Teachers who challenge and care for students make a significant impact on students’ lives
  • Standard of Excellence, Nothing Less will be achieved from every individual in our learning community
We Commit To
  • Providing each student with an appropriate and challenging educational experience
  • Maintaining a respectful environment that fosters learning through positive relationships among students, adults and our diverse community
  • Hiring and retaining only the best educators and paraprofessionals while investing in their success
  • Providing quality education based on high standards, effective practices, continuous improvement, and innovation

Standard of Excellence -

Nothing Less



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Hi and welcome to the Bellflower Unified School District website. As your Superintendent, I am extremely proud of our students and their many accomplishments they have achieved over my six years of service. Here in BUSD we have been leading the way with wonderful teachers, solid support staff and outstanding administration. I am also particularly proud of the marvelous accomplishments that have led many of our schools to be recognized as award winning school sites and programs. The District is also recognized for having a superior Continuation High School program. I invite you to browse our website and read my detailed Superintendent's Welcome, along with other information about our district.

Brian Jacobs, Ed.D.

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Dear BUSD Families and Friends

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter. Those of you who have gotten to know me over the years, know that I am a man of few words, so with that, I would like to inform you that I have given my intent to retire with support of Board President Dr. ElHessen and each member of the Governing Board. My official retirement date will be January 2, 2018, and preparations for my retirement have already begun.

I am grateful for the understanding and support of Dr. ElHessen and members of the Governing Board to allow me to utilize the next few weeks to continue the important task of transitioning personnel to lead and direct BUSD in my absence. I began my career in December over 38 years ago, and seems rather fitting to leave my career in the same manner with which it began. Recognizing that the timing of this personal decision is a challenge, I know that the tradition of excellence will continue due the strength of each of you and the roles you play in educating our students.

During my absence, the Governing Board will acknowledge Assistant Superintendent, Tracy McSparren as my designee to support some of the day-to-day operations of the Superintendent’s office on a temporary basis, while continuing her oversight of the Special Education/Student Services Division. Director, Curriculum & Instruction, Dina Hernandez will assume the obligations I also have with oversight of the Curriculum and Instruction Division.

Looking ahead, the Governing Board has determined that they will begin an open search process for my successor. There is no doubt that through this course of action, the most qualified candidate will be brought to BUSD to sustain and go beyond where we are today as a school district.

Please know that during this transition, Dr. ElHessen and the Board, along with district leadership will remain focused on what has made BUSD a Gold Ribbon School District. With that strong support, there is no reason why BUSD cannot continue to be that district known for the “Standard of Excellence; Nothing Less.”

In closing, I have been sincerely blessed to have been given the opportunity to come back and complete my educational career in BUSD. I pray for God’s blessing upon BUSD and each of you as a family and friend. May you have a fantastic Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, and a joy-filled New Year! Again, I thank you for six and a half years of excellence, and providing me the opportunity to serve your students.

Bellflower Unified School District

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